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  1. Irvine Park: The Years Have Been Kind to This Early Settlement
  2. The University Club of Saint Paul: Tradition proudly endures
  3. Union Depot: City’s historic center is getting back on track
  4. Cass Gilbert: Architect’s Minnesota State Capitol moved him to national fame
  5. Como Park’s Marjorie McNeely Conservatory: Serving St. Paul, preserving nature
  6. Como Park: Historic acreage creates urban oasis
  7. Mickey’s Diner: Everybody knows Mickey’s
  8. Rice Park: Gathering place at heart of St. Paul has undergone several facelifts since 1849
  9. St. Paul’s George Latimer Central Library: Classic building still serves as a center of learning
  10. James J. Hill Center: Stately historic library melds the old and the new
  11. Oxford: City of fiction and fantasy
  12. Summit Lookout Park: Idyllic corner atop Ramsey Hill provides premium view of city
  13. Amelia Earhart in St. Paul: A brief stay was marred by sad times
  14. The Ordway: Saint Paul’s premiere arts center adds a touch of class (and glass) to downtown
  15. Pioneer and Endicott Buildings: Pioneer spirit of St. Paul’s early days is preserved in two magnificent buildings
  16. Oxford Theater: The roots of the Mann Theater empire are on Selby Avenue
  17. Fort Snelling State Park: An oasis in the Cities
  18. W.A. Frost and Dacotah Building: Neighborhood cornerstone serves old-time ambience
  19. Schmidt Brewery: St. Paul’s “castle” is now a fortress of a different color
  20. The Commodore: Former hotel and hotspot rose like a phoenix from 1978 explosions

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